Miley Cyrus Split

We Won’t Stop? Well, the signs were there. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have finally ended their engagement after a weird year that saw the Australian actor heading into the serious movie business, while his wife-to-be stole the headlines for various dramatic image changes and controversial performances. Check out what happened here.

Vegas, Baby: We had it confirmed this week that Britney Spears is indeed heading to Las Vegas for a two-year residency at the Planet Hollywood resort. Check out all the details, plus ticket news here.

Better Call Saul! Getting concerned about AMC’s schedule in a post-Breaking Bad and Mad Men world? Don’t be. Executives have green-lit Better Call Saul, a BB spin-off show starring everyone’s favorite criminal lawyer. Read more here.

The Walking Dead

Dead Walk Again: Oh, and we forgot to mention – AMC are developing a spin-off to The Walking Dead too. Looks like the network’s future is pretty secure to us. Read more about the new show here.

Batfleck: It’s safe to say Ben Affleck wasn’t everyone’s first choice to replace Christian Bale and Batman, though the resurgent Oscar-winner isn’t bothered in the slightest. Watch his first interview since being announced as the Caped Crusader here.

Wedding Crasher: Ever wondered what it’d be like to have Brad Pitt at your wedding? Nah, you probably haven’t – what we he do? – but one couple from the UK got exactly that this week. Find out why the Hollywood star crashed a wedding in Maidenhead.

Zac Efron in Neighbors

Noisy Neighbor: Looks like the set of Neighbors – Seth Rogen’s new movie – wasn’t quite the hoot many assumed it to be from watching the trailer. According to sources, Zac Efron failed to show on numerous occasions because of a spiralling cocaine addiction. Read the full story here.

Femme Fatale: Lily Collins doesn’t strike us as the most dangerous celebrity on the planet, but according to the guys over at internet security firm McAfee, she heads the list of the most unsafe terms for web users. Find out why here.

Midlife Crisis: We weren’t expecting too much from Seth Macfarlane’s new sitcom Dads, with Seth Green, but we were certainly expecting more than this. Dubbed offensive and racist in areas, Dads is one of the worst reviewed shows of the year. But what went wrong?

Video of the Week: This week's hottest footage comes from New York, where Scarlett Johansson was attending the premiere of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut Don Jon. The Hollywood superstar looked stunning in a simple, knee-length, turquoise dress. Check it out here.