Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke inadvertently created a horror story three months before Halloween. Their performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August has inspired the costumes of Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal Harris at the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party on Saturday 26th October.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton's costume was inspired by Miley Cyrus' outfit at the MTV VMAs.

Hefner posted two photographs on his Twitter: one a selfie of the couple with Crystal holding a giant foam hand up to the camera; and the other with Crystal bending over in front of her husband. Hefner added the hash tag "twerking". Crystal, despite being a former 'Playmate' and glamour model, dressed more modestly than Cyrus had at the VMAs. She wore a short yellow dress as opposed to Cyrus' decision at the awards in August to wear a flesh coloured bikini. Hefner wore a striped suit with Thicke style sunglasses. It appears the costume was actually a prison outfit which Hefner had adapted with sunglasses, a gold chain and a microphone. 

Crystal was not the only person at the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party to have been inspired by Cyrus' catastrophic appearance. Paris Hilton also turned up as Miley Cyrus with paparazzi capturing her in a grey teddy in the style of Cyrus' outfit before the nude fiasco. Cyrus is not the only one being used as one of Hilton's muses this Halloween, Katy Perry's outfit in her video 'Roar' will also be adapted by the 32-year-old heiress. TMZ reports Paris was spotted in Los Angeles shopping at Trashy Lingerie store in which she spent over $5000 on costumes. These costumes included a custom made Katy Perry 'Jungle woman' outfit; her Miley Cyrus teddy; a "slutty" princess, fairy and warrior woman. 

Hefner's annual party is an impressive occasions with decorations including a full sized graveyard placed in the garden. Hefner tweeted photographs of some of the preparations.