Miley Cyrus has put her foot down on persistent rumours alleging that it was a drug overdose that caused the 21 year-old pop star's hospital stay and not an allergic reaction as she claimed. She spent two weeks in a hospital bed forcing the cancellation of a string of her current Bangerz tour dates.

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Miley Cyrus Has Hit Back At Rumours That An Overdose Caused Her Hospital Stay.

Now the US singer is out of the woods she has touched down in the UK where she played her first Bangerz show in London this week. She also found time to talk to press and put a stop to the rumours that she overdosed on drugs.

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"I didn't have a drugs overdose. I took some antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection," she said, via BBC Newsbeat. She explained how she is still taking steps to restore herself to full health. "I've been laying in a hospital bed connected to IVs. I'm on a bunch of good vitamins and doing lots of yoga trying to get myself back together," Miley revealed.

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The Singer Blamed An Allergic Reaction & A Weakened Immune System For Her Illness.

"My immune system was already low because I had a death in my family and was already down," she reasoned. "What doesn't make it better is that people were online saying I'd done it with drugs but it's all good. I'm okay and I'm here," the singer added. The death in the family Miley was talking about refers to the passing of her dog, Floyd, which sent the singer into a mire of grief.

The former Disney TV star made sure she kept her fans updated on her condition throughout her stay in hospital and regularly shared how forlorn she was feeling being bedridden. Describing what she called the "most miserable" fortnight of her life, Miley said "I'm like a star ready to explode. I'm going to go off. I've just been watching movies and reading."

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Miley Says She Has No Intention To Tone Down Her Raunchy Shows Or Skimpy Outfits.

Miley's raunchy and wild Bangerz shows have caused a great deal of controversy as she rolls out her album tour across the world. Regardless of any reported parental concern, Miley has stated that she won't curb or soften her highly publicised show routines.

"You get a lot more famous if you show your bits," she said.

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