Miley smokes up

Winning the top video gong for the controversial and much-parodied 'Wrecking Ball' video, Cyrus ascended the stairs to the stage and thanked her fans - her 'Smilers' as she calls them - for their support and director Terry Richardson for his work on the video, before taking out the pre-rolled joint from her bag. Or at least it looked like a joint. Closing her speech, the singer commented on how she couldn't find space for the award in her Chanel handbag, but did find the supposed spliff, which she lit up and smoked as she walked off the stage. A nod to the tolerant laws of the Netherlands and her own wild antics of late, the move has created a wave of controversy, making sure Miley's name stays in the gossip columns for at least another week.

Miley Cyrus EMAs
The singer ensured that she was the talk of the awards show with her joint smoking antics