Afrojack gets burned

After delivering a spellbinding performance, Em left the stage to be honored with the Global Icon award, presented to him by the San Diego-based news reporter. Holding the award aloft, the rapper told the crowd “Wow this is crazy! This is nuts. I just wanna say thanks to everybody. Thank you MTV Europe,” before channeling his inner Brick Tamland and declaring “I love award.”

When asked whether he might "love lamp" by Ron, Em once again stared blankly at the camera and said "I love math." Burgundy then tried to stir up some trouble by suggesting that one of the night's performers, Afrojack, had been "talking sh*t" about Em, prompting the rapper to reply "who?" Luckily, there was burn cream readily available for the Dutch DJ.

Local boy Afrojack left the awards show severely burned