President Tim Winter insisted Miley was a poor choice for host when it was announced she'd be fronting the 2015 ceremony and on the day after this year's prizegiving, he tells he wasn't surprised the show was full of bad language, flesh flashing and marijuana references.

Throughout the ceremony, the singer wore barely-there outfits, swore and even bared a breast as she changed for her finale backstage.

Winter says, "I understand there are times when people want to reach low and maybe's there's an audience for it and there's a time when it's the right thing to do... (but) the ubiquitous messaging of drugs or drug use as something positive and something to laugh at is wholly inappropriate for people as young as 14. It's a gross violation of the spirit and the letter of the content-rating system."

He adds, "MTV chose to give the VMAs a TV-14 rating even though they had content I think most parents would find absolutely outrageous.

"They had a great platform to do something positive. Last year, Miley won the award for Wrecking Ball and she had somebody go up and accept the award to bring attend to the homeless problem, and rather than using her platform this year for something positive, we learned that she really likes marijuana."