We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree, used to describe a useless higher education degree. Well, now you can actually take a Mickey Mouse Degree! Sort of. Skidmore College in New York is offering a course called ‘The Sociology of Miley Cyrus’, which gives students the opportunity to explore the journey of the Hannah Montana star, beginning with her days on the Disney show and culminating with whatever the hell she is these days.

miley cyrus college courseAttendees of Skidmore College can study 'The Sociology of Miley Cyrus'

There’s a slightly more academic edge to the course than just flicking through pictures of Miley’s transformation, students are invited to evaluate the notions of identity, media, entertainment and fame. Miley is just the hyperactive, peroxide lens through which they do this.

If you think studying Miley Cyrus at college sounds pretty stupid, these other courses will totally blow your mind.

Columbia College offers the opportunity to study ‘Zombies in Popular Media’, allowing students to study representations and their significance of zombies throughout history. Using critical theory and source material (including comics if you doubted the credibility of the module) students reflect and comment on the zombie figure. Sounds dead silly to us.

Lucky Tupac fans at the University of Washington can sign up to study ‘The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur’, a module which relates the writings of Tupac to various literature.  We imagine future conversations to go like this: "Who did you read at university?" "Oh you know, Jane Austin, Maya Angelou, Tupac Shakur" "Say what?".

If you’ve managed to get into a university you’re probably more than capable of watching television without running into too much difficulty, although Montclair university offers support for those that do. ‘How To Watch Television’ is a module on offer at the college, and educates students in analyzing television and the extent it should be, and needs to be, understood by its audience. Students are encouraged to assess the impact that television has on their lives. Between 18 years old and 21, the ages most people go on to higher education, it’s probably going to be quite a lot. No one wants to miss HIMYM, after all.

We kid you not, Staffordshire University in the UK offered a course in David Beckham studies. Sure, he’s potentially the greatest football player of all time, as well as an all-round nice guy, but seriously? We’re not entirely sure what the course entails, although it sounds pretty self-explanatory. We wonder if Becks would be able to pass the end of year exam?

david beckham studies'David Beckham studies' was on offer at Staffordshire University

It can be a little bit of light relief when studying a weighty subject to pass some time with a less serious module, although we just hope that when you finally do graduate and start looking for jobs, future employers don’t ask why you chose to study something so totally ridiculous.

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