Milla Jovovich headed up the 'Resident Evil' movie franchise as lead character Alice ever since the original movie's debut all the way back in 2002. Earlier this year however, her series was brought to an end in 'The Final Chapter', but that hasn't stopped big wigs from already putting in place plans to reboot the franchise and bring it back to the big screen sooner rather than later.

Milla Jovovich signs for fans in Los AngelesMilla Jovovich signs for fans with a smile in Los Angeles

Constantin Films are the studio behind the planned reboot, with director James Wan set to step in and bring a brand new story to fans. Based once more on the original video games of the same name, there are no further details about what viewers might see when the proposed first film in the new series does eventually debut.

Asked about the planned reboot, Jovovich seemed a little surprised at the news. "They've announced a reboot?" she replied to ComicBook. "Okay, well good luck with that. I think a lot of people with these franchises kind of put the cart before the horse. There's a danger to that. They've been wanting to reboot 'Resident Evil' for a long time, and listen: I love the 'Resident Evil' world. I think it's a great property, I would do it if I were a producer. I think what made 'Resident Evil' so special is that the people involved really loved what they're doing and really were fans of the game."

She also gave some advice to those who were set to bring back the franchise, adding: "I would suggest that you find people that have that same passion for the property before you talk about reboots. I think if you get into this kind of genre, people are very sensitive to fakes. There's some real fans in the sci-fi/action/horror world, and they're not idiots. They can smell when something is done because people love it and when something is done just to monetise an opportunity."

Though Jovovich talks a good game, when she mentions how closely her films allegedly stuck to the video games they were based on, fans could really argue that they actually branched so far away from them the series became something unrecognisable at points.

Despite and maybe even because of that, the rebooted franchise could go in a number of different directions. For example, the latest game in the 'Resident Evil' series leans heavily on elements of horror with reanimated corpses and a family that's intent on keeping your character prisoner. If this is the road they go down, there could be a very different and unique selection of 'Resident Evil' flicks on the way...

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We'll keep you updated on the plans for the 'Resident Evil' movie reboot as they come through.