It's hard enough going through puberty without having to do it in the public eye. Millie Bobby Brown is clearly finding teen life hard under such a spotlight, and it's forced her to delete a lovely snap of herself and her boyfriend innocently sharing a kiss on the beach on social media. 

Millie Bobby Brown at the Brit AwardsMillie Bobby Brown at the Brit Awards

The 14-year-old 'Stranger Things' star has been dating her boyfriend Jacob Sartorius since October - and seven months is a long time for a teenager. She's constantly being accused of growing up too fast though and, for a lot of fans, proof of that came with a photo of her kissing her boyfriend against a nighttime beach backdrop. Her beautiful caption read: 'Moonlight with him'.

Last time we checked, kissing wasn't exclusively a grown-up thing. People were gushing over her character Eleven kissing Finn Wolfhard's character Mike on 'Stranger Things' because it's what everyone wanted, but that didn't stop many people - including fellow celebrities - teasing her about kissing her REAL boyfriend.

'I wasn't even allowed to leave my house til I was 20', Ariana Grande joked. Hailey Baldwin branded the couple 'cute', while Anaïs Gallagher lamented: 'Why couldn't I be that smooth at 14'.

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But it's probably more down to her so-called fans telling her to stop behaving like an adult that has forced Millie and Jacob (a 15-year-old singer and social media star) to remove the picture. It's a shame because there's no reason why having a relationship means you can't be a good role model to young people. 

Still, the couple have kept one adorable picture on Instagram. It appears to have been taken on the same evening and sees Jacob carrying Millie on his back along the sandy beach. 'I'm alright, but even better with you', they both captioned the shot.

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Jacob is performing live across North America this summer, while Millie wraps work on her first feature film 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' which is set to hit theatres in May 2019.