Millie Bobby Brown thinks the 1980s were her “favourite” era for fashion.

The ‘Stranger Things’ star doesn’t think "you can get better than the 80s” when it comes to all things style, hair, beauty and music, and she referenced her work on Netflix's sci-fi series as her window into that world.

The 18-year-old actress told “I don't think you can get better than the 80s. I think the 80s are probably the best period for hair, make-up, fashion and music. But specifically for beauty the colours are amazing and so bold and flawless. The hair, it’s insane, the huge blowouts.

"It’s my favourite period that I’ve personally worked in and also, you know, I’ve experienced it for seven years and still love it.”

The 18-year-old actress has played the character Eleven on the supernatural show - which is set in the 80s - since its release in 2016.

Meanwhile, ‘Enola Holmes’ star cited Audrey Hepburn as a woman who she sees as “everything I strive to be” for both her style and charity work.

She added: “I think women represent beauty. Someone I look up to is Audrey Hepburn, for all the work she put into humanitarianism and also her acting work. Who she was and what she represented is everything I strive to be - I love her make-up, her beauty and her fashion, everything about her.

"But also women in general inspire me. Sometimes I walk past a shop and look at a woman in the window and I think, 'Wow.'

"Women in general have everything going for them and I think if we are given the right opportunities and the right tools, we can fulfil our dreams whatever they may be.”

Millie admitted to be “obsessed” with HBO show ‘Euphoria’ and the styles of the characters - particularly Maddy Perez, played by Alexa Demie, who is known for her bold looks.

She said: I'm obsessed with 'Euphoria' and I feel like I haven't done my 'Euphoria' moment yet so I'm really hoping we get to do that. I'm so obsessed with Maddie, I'm a big fan and I love all their beauty, their hair and their fashion.”