Mindy Kaling has voiced Disgust in Inside Out. No, not in the way you think. Kaling portrays the character Disgust, an emotion felt by the 11-year-old protagonist of the film, released this weekend.

Mindy Kaling
Kaling found the role fun, but challenging.


It was a challenging role for the comedian, who had some physical issues with the character.

“I had to make a lot of nauseated sounds, I had to be barely keeping myself from throwing up a lot,” she tells the New York Daily News. “You have to not make yourself nauseated, so that was a little challenging.”

Don’t worry team, she didn’t end up vomiting, but apparently it was a pretty close call. And yes, there were some tears (#noshame). She says that when she first went to the Pixar offices to meet director Pete Docter, who explained that the script was inspired by his relationship with his daughter, she started crying.

Watch the Inside Out trailer below.

The film centers around Riley, a young girl who moves to San Francisco from Minnesota. Her emotions — Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Sadness (Phyllis Smith, Kaling’s castmate in The Office) and Disgust — butt heads on how to navigate a new city and settle into a new school.

Kaling, who does not consider herself the most outgoing of people, can certainly relate to the character.

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Kaling claims Riley is a lot cooler than she ever was. “I was not good at sports and very private and sensitive,” she says. But she does relate to the little girl’s trepidation about going to a new school.

“I do relate to those anxieties, definitely,” Kaling says. “I’m a pretty anxious person even today.”