Mindy Kaling's definition of wellness and beauty "has evolved over time".

The 44-year-old actress has learned over the years that beauty and wellness are strongly linked to each other.

Speaking to Allure magazine, Mindy shared: "I think my definition of wellness and beauty has evolved over time.

"In my twenties, I was definitely someone who thought that beauty was completely divorced from wellness and beauty was about the gaze of other people and trying to live up to that. And, also, a fun self-expression tool for myself.

"But there is no beauty without wellness for me now, at my age. If I eat badly, if I'm using the wrong products because I'm rushed, if I don't take care to do the steps … So much of what makes me healthy is also, at my age, [what] makes me beautiful. I think they're very interrelated now."

In June, Mindy took to social media to claim that she's healthier than she's been "in years".

Alongside a photo of herself and her kids - Katherine, five, and Spencer, two - Mindy wrote on Instagram: "Look I know I’m clearly materialistic but the best birthday gift to me, for the rest of my life, are these two guys.

"I was never a “kid” person. When my mom passed though, it just clicked in me: I wanted kids with such intense certainty. I bet some of you can relate. Now I’m just trying to be present for them (hard for me! I’m impatient!), being up for anything (again hard for me, I am not whimsical!), and stay healthy for these two guys (ALSO hard! I just want to eat cheesesteaks every meal in front of the TV) for until I’m an old gray skeleton they’re like “mom, you gotta go”. My doctor told me that this year I was the healthiest I’ve been in years. That’s a pretty damn good gift, right? (sic)"