Mindy Kaling's daughter "loves" make-up.

The 44-year-old actress has a five-year-old daughter called Katherine, and Mindy has revealed that she shares her passion for make-up.

Speaking to Allure magazine, Mindy explained: "She's five so obviously she’s not on social media and she doesn't look at Instagram or TikTok or anything like that. And I'm amazed at how much creativity in terms of how she wants to dress every day just comes from within. It's not from any outside sources.

"She loves beauty and make-up. And it's out of pure love. It's painting her face - literally painting her face is what she thinks of it as. It's not for the gaze of other people; she thinks it looks fabulous.

"For her birthday she was like, 'Can I paint my face with your make-up?' And I'm like, 'Okay, sure. You can do that on your birthday.' I don't want people [reading] Allure to be like, 'Wait a second, Mindy lets her five-year-old...' She does not [wear make-up]. She plays with make-up at home sometimes. She'll play with make-up and we will just wipe her face off before we go out."

Mindy feels she can really relate to her daughter's love of make-up.

The actress said: "I just love how much she loves it. And it's not [because of] peer pressure or anything else, it's just because she thinks it's so fun. And I really relate to that and I really try to emulate that."

In June, Mindy took to social media to acknowledge that she's happier than she's been for a long time.

The actress - who turned 44 last month - wrote on Instagram: "I’m usually kind of low-level anxious, so I’m just gonna take one minute on my birthday to acknowledge that I am happy. Man, there are ups and downs in this life!! But my ups seem to be the most important ones right now. Thanks for my birthday love. (Also maybe I will buy myself that trendy Dior bag that looks like a kidney bean). [heart emoji] (sic)"