Mindy Kaling wants to be a positive role model for young girls.

The 'Mindy Project' actress doesn't care if people insult the way she looks, and thinks women should be more concerned about being labelled ''not smart, or not a leader.''

The 36-year-old star said: ''Insults about the way I look can't be the thing that harms me and my heart the most. It has to harm me the least. If I have a daughter, I'm going to tell her that.

''Far too many women are much more hurt by being called fat or ugly than they are by being called not smart, or not a leader. If someone told me that I was stupid or that I wasn't a leader, or that I wasn't witty or quick or perceptive, I'd be devastated. If someone told me that I had a gross body, I'd say, 'Well, it's bringing me a lot of happiness.' Like, I'm having a fine time of it. Having my priorities aligned like that has helped me have a happier life, I think.''

Meanwhile, Mindy, who has dedicated an entire chapter of her new book, 'Why Not Me?' to ex-boyfriend BJ Novak, who she previously admitted she would have married if he'd asked her before they split almost 10 years ago, admits she loves the idea that people think they might rekindle their relationship in the future.

She told the UK's The Guardian newspaper: ''When people say that, it makes me feel so cool. Like, oh, people are thinking about me like I'm a character. We are so different and we fight a lot, but the gift he [Novak] has always given me is the utter and total belief that I am one of the greats. And it is an intoxicating feeling.''