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Five Female Directed Movies From The Past Year Well Worth Watching

It's a shame to see that in this day and age, the world of filmmaking is still so male-orientated. Apart from the likes of Kathryn Bigelow, Ava DuVernay and Sofia Coppola, women are still struggling...

Lupita Nyong'o Thinks Queen Of Katwe Is A Normal Story

Lupita jumped at a chance to work with her longtime friend, filmmaker Mira Nair, shooting Queen of Katwe in Uganda, next door to Kenya, where she grew up. Most films set in Africa, she says,...

Riz Ahmed In 'Awe Of' Co-star Kate Hudson

Riz Ahmed was in ''awe of'' Kate Hudson's multi-tasking on the 'Reluctant Fundamentalist' set.The actor stars alongside the Hollywood beauty in the forthcoming political thriller from Mira Nair and was struck by how the actress...

Mira Nair Staged Early Yoga Sessions For New Film's Cast And Crew

Moviemaker Mira Nair set up yoga classes for the cast and crew of The Reluctant Fundamentalist to help them start the day on a spiritual high.Kate Hudson and her co-stars were among the devotees who...

Kate Hudson Breastfed On The Reluctant Fundamentalist Set

Actress Kate Hudson is thankful director Mira Nair was so accommodating while filming The Reluctant Fundamentalist because she had to frequently take breaks to breastfeed her baby son.The Almost Famous star gave birth to Bingham,...

Joseph Gordon-levitt's 'Looper' To Open Toronto Film Festival

Joseph Gordon-levitt will be lighting up this year's Toronto Film Festival after news that the film that he stars in, 'Looper' - described as a "thinking man's actioner" - will be opening the prestigious event...

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