Miranda Kerr sees Orlando Bloom as ''like a brother'' to her.

The Australian model is thankful she and her ex-husband - who she split from in 2013 - have maintained a strong friendship for the sake of their son Flynn, now nine, and she will always regard the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star and his pregnant fiancée Katy Perry as ''family''.

She said: ''When Orlando and I separated ... we made that commitment to always put Flynn's needs first, above our own, and I'm really fortunate that we are really good friends. He almost feels like a brother to me ... and I've said that he'll always be family.

''It's the same with his partner now and I've said that to her. They're our family.''

Miranda - who also has Hart, 23 months, and Myles, six months, with her spouse, billionaire Snapchat boss Evan Spiegel - has just one nanny on hand to help with her brood and though she's always happy for her kids to interrupt her work, she wants them to know they can't always have things their own way if she's busy with something else.

She told Australia's InStyle magazine: ''I know every mother probably says the same thing, but my children mean everything to me, and I try to plan around their schedule.

''Everyone who works with me understands my children are my number one priority.

''But I think it's important my children also understand that sometimes it won't be exactly how they want it all of the time.

''I am working from home, but I am still working. Work is a healthy thing.

''[Evan and I] have our own businesses and we work in different ways.

''My children know that they can come in at any time.

''It doesn't matter if I'm on a call or if I have a meeting at home.

''Hart will sit with me in my meetings and I'll say, 'So what do you think, Mr Spiegel?'

''Then Flynn will come in and be like, 'What products are we testing?' Then, half the time, Myles is sitting on my lap, being breastfed during meetings, so it's a real family business.''