Review of This Is Not A Test Album by Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott - This Is Not A Test

Missy has produced and written yet another album with a little help from Timbaland. She continues to demonstrate what a powerful force she is not only in the urban scene but also in music as a whole. 'This Is Not A Test' features her first release 'Pass the Dutch' and an array of stars such as Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Elephant Man and others. You can expect the usual funky, crazy off beats that she seems to master but what I like about this album is that there is a lot of soul. The production is tight, very original and makes for excellent party music. Lyrically she expresses female independence mixed with strong sexual tension and a lovely dollop of funk. Bring it on Missy, keep cooking.

Missy Elliott This Is Not A Test Album

Tareck Ghoneim