A planned biopic of Missy Elliott has been dealt a severe blow after her close friend and collaborator Timbaland refused to be included in the project. The hip-hop/R+B producer, who is the creative driving force behind Elliott's biggest hits, is convinced he would be misrepresented if he allows script writers to dramatise his relationship with the GET UR FREAK ON rapper. He says, "I don't want to be in the movie. For me that movie is all about her. "You couldn't make that movie and put my side of the story in it too. Missy's life... It's deeper than a rap story, there's a lot of parts. "I don't think it'd work if you start putting other people's stories in too." Timbaland, real name TIM MOSELY, grew up with Elliott in Virginia, and they moved together to New Jersey to pursue their music careers. After the collapse of her all-girl group SISTA, Elliott teamed up with Timbaland to create one of hip-hop's most potent songwriting/production partnerships.