American actress Misty Upham, who played a housekeeper in 'August: Osage Count,' still hasn't been found after being reported missing on the 6th October, and to make matters worse her father believes she sounded "suicidal" the last time they spoke.

Misty Upham
Upham was last seen on October 5th

The 32 year-old actress was last seen on Sunday, October 5, leaving her apartment in Auburn, Washington, and while the investigation into her disappearance is still ongoing, Charles Upham recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, recalling the last conversation he had with his troubled daughter.

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"She had recently changed her medication, so she was sort of having erratic behavior," Charles told THR. "She told me and her mom that we didn't have to worry about her any more. I thought it sounded suicidal myself, so I called the police. She's always been a suicidal person."

On the day she went missing, police responded to a suicide call made from Upham's sister's apartment in Muckleshoot, Washington, but when they arrived she was nowhere to be seen.

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"She used to make [suicide] threats sometimes, but she never went through with it," her father, who recently moved with his wife and daughter to the Seattle area to receive rehab following a stroke, added.

Misty Upham
Upham's father thinks she may be "suicidal"

Upham, who has had a history of depression and mental health issues, was treated by a strong psychiatrist in Los Angeles but this did not continue when they arrived in Seattle.

"She had a medical team in L.A and she was doing fine, but that team couldn't continue in Washington," Charles said. "I think that she is either in a place where she cant' get help - maybe she fell down and broke her leg and something, or she got in with the wrong crowd, don't think she would have taken her own life. I don't want to think she is dead."