Misty Upham reportedly had financial worries prior to her mystery disappearance last week.

The 'August: Osage County' actress, 32, who was last seen leaving her sister's home in Washington on October 5, was allegedly struggling with money and couldn't even pay her rent just months before she vanished following an earlier suicidal call to the police.

A source told PEOPLE.com: ''She was doing everything she could to make it, but there were times she couldn't even make her own rent.

''I always worried about her. She's an amazing person. I think she just had trouble trying to keep up with Hollywood. She's always gone against the grain.''

Misty's father Charles said yesterday (11.10.14) his daughter suffers from a medical condition and a recent change in her medication had changed her behaviour, but he's certain she wouldn't take her own life.

He explained: ''She had recently changed her medication, so she was sort of having erratic behaviour. She told me and her mum that we didn't have to worry about her anymore ... I thought it sounded suicidal myself, so I called the police. She's always been a suicidal person.

''She used to make [suicide] threats sometimes, but she never went through with it. I think that she is either in a place where she can't get help - maybe she fell down and broke her leg and something, or she got in with the wrong crowd. I don't think she would have taken her own life. I don't want to think she is dead.''