Mitch Winehouse has branded Asif Kapadia's documentary about his daughter ''misleading''.

The father of the late singer Amy Winehouse - who died of alcohol poisoning at her home in Camden in July 2011 - is angry at the way the film portrays both the 'Rehab' singer and himself.

He insisted that elements of the film are inaccurate, telling The Sun newspaper: ''Amy's security guard said that we left her alone on Christmas Day and then it went to a film of Amy walking through the dark streets of Camden with him to illustrate the point. But that wasn't on Christmas Day, she has got a short-sleeved T-shirt on.

''I know exactly what had happened: Amy was meant to be with her mum so my wife Jane and I went down to my mother-in-law's.

''Amy's fiancé Reg was with her until 1.30pm and then they were both going to go separately to see their mums and then come back together at 8pm.

''Amy being Amy, she didn't go to her mum, so my son Alex went over to her so she wasn't on her own. That's just one example of how biased and slanted we think this film is.''

'Amy: The Girl Behind the Name' is released in July in the UK.