Miuccia Prada thinks womenswear and menswear should be shown together.

The designer strayed from the industry's norm at Milan Men's Fashion Week on Sunday (22.06.14), alternating her 70s inspired menswear collection with several looks from her womenswear 2015 resort line during her poolside-set show.

The Italian tastemaker believes mixing the two is the future of fashion and says separating the sexes on the runway is an outdated practice.

She told The Telegraph Luxury: ''I think the combination is more real. It is more today. Otherwise it looks like we are in classes, in the time of my grandfather, women divided from men. The shows divided are so unreal and I think that it is when you put them together you get a sense of what is meaningful and real.''

While the 65-year-old fashion star admits she is more extravagant with her fantasies when designing for women, she tries not to cater to rigid gender stereotypes.

She said: ''My best inspiration comes because as a woman I think like a woman. I tend to introduce my fantasies more when I do women than when I do men because I don't like men when they are too much.

''So the problem is how to put a limit on your inspiration? Basically I think to people, not to gender.''