Moby has signed up to appear in new movie 'Intruder'.

The singer/songwriter - whose real name is Richard Melville Hall - will star as a music teacher to a wannabe classical musician, who will be portrayed by Scottish actress Louise Linton, who is also producing the upcoming film.

A source told BANG Showbiz that Moby requested his scenes to be filmed in Los Angeles, where he lives, which resulted in the crew frantically trying to negotiate travel arrangements for the equipment from Portland to California.

Louise has described Moby as a ''pleasure to work with'' and they have become really close friends already during filming.

Billed as a disturbing thriller to make audiences think twice about being home alone, 'Intruder' has been described as a combination of 'Paranormal Activity' and classic Alfred Hitchcock films.

The psychological movie is the work of acclaimed production designer and director, Travis Zariwny, who has previously worked with Hollywood veterans, Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett and Shia LaBeouf.

Louise - who is producing the film as part of Stormchaser Films, the company she set up - recently completed filming in the as-yet-unnamed biopic of Howard Hughes, which is being directed by Tinsel Town legend, Warren Beatty.

Louise has already starred in 'Bound' and 'The Echo' and has previously worked with Travis, having already teamed up with him on the 2013 sci-fi film, 'Scavengers'.

News of Moby's film role comes after he had to deal with a home invader in real life as in a case of art imitating life the musician discovered an intruder in his home in Los Angeles in 2011.

But this incident was significantly less scary than the upcoming film, as he offered the trespasser $20 and a jumper before asking him to leave.