Modestep have had a busy year, with the release of their new album London Road plus performances at some of the biggest UK festivals including both Download and Reading & Leeds. This time, they have started on their own tour across the UK, with support from Culprate, Hatcha & MC Crazy D, and their London show was possibly one of the loudest shows yet. With a set list of songs from both Evolution Theory and their newest album London Road, it was bound to have people jumping and moshing. Along with constant shouts of "Make some noise!" from lead singer Josh Friend, the crowd were wild from start to finish.


Watching Modestep at a small venue such as Electric Brixton is a very different experience than seeing them at a festival. Rather than simply playing track after track of the songs people know, the remixes took their set to a whole new level. Nevertheless, the small crowd barely packed out the venue, and struggled to maintain a mosh pit that Modestep deserved. But this didn't stop the whole crowd from bouncing with every drop.

Songs like Sunlight, Rainbow and Seams went down a storm and with the thunderous bass that caused people's bodies to vibrate without them having to move only further helped to add to the atmosphere of the venue. Machines was a crowd favourite, but it seemed that the band's older tracks from Evolution Theory were more popular. Nevertheless, when the band returned for their encore, Circles, the whole of the Electric Brixton lit up and bounced, causing people who had started heading towards the exits to rush back to the main crowd.

There was just one problem with the set. There was something missing, but no-one could completely pin point what it was. With many murmurs of almost disappointment from the crowd when they were walking towards the exits caused many to stop and question what more could Modestep have done to put on a better show? With a tight set, a light show that enhanced the trance of the dubstep sound, a band that were clearly having the time of their lives on the stage, and a crowd that seemed to bounce non-stop, we're not sure what they could've missed.

Maybe if they mimicked their sets from the festival season it would have impressed many more in the sweaty crowd. But that's not what a headline set is about. The fact that Modestep took the time and effort to remix their already incredible tracks, and put on a show that they enjoyed performing was what their London Road tour was all about. When you go to a show you're not going to hear the songs they release as an exact copy. Experimenting on stage, especially with electronic sounds, brings an originality to Modestep's set. They're there to play what they love and that's exactly what they did.

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