As rumours emerged yesterday (April 11, 2012) that Mollie King - singer with The Saturdays - has started dating Prince Harry, the blonde pop star has remained tight-lipped on the matter. The Daily Mail has pictured her out on the streets of London but having failed to get a quote from the 24 year-old, took the view that her 'royal blue' vest top was statement enough, in itself.
Mollie King was dating model David Gandy until just a couple of months ago. She first met Harry at the Asprey World Class Cup in Surrey in 2010 and they've been spotted out together recently, enjoying a spot of karaoke and cocktails at some of Harry's favourite high-class London nightspots. Even Mollie's Twitter page doesn't give anything away with regards to any romantic dalliances with the prince. Yesterday, as the media furore began to accumulate, Mollie simply posted a picture of herself chomping on a piece of chocolate, with the message "anyone else still tucking into their Easter eggs?"
Earlier today, she posted another message saying "Ahh I can't believe I've hit half a Million followers! You guys are the best - thank you so much for all your tweets!! x x x" Of course, the extra attention that comes with being romantically linked to Prince Harry could well have something to do with that sudden surge of interest. Reports suggest that Harry is "completely smitten" with The Saturdays' singer and if the rumours are true, the attention is not likely to die down for quite some time.