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3rd July 2014

Tweet: "Much tighter show tonight. With a great crowd. Terry J cut his face open in the first sketch. Just a flesh wound. We may keep it in..." Eric Idle reveals Terry Jones was injured during Monty Python's second show of their comeback residency at London's O2 Arena on Wednesday (02Jul14). The run opened on Tuesday night (01Jul14) to mixed reviews.

30th June 2014

Tweet: "Dear @EricIdle and Pythons, have a great run in London, you influenced my life and comedy." Funnyman Steve Martin sends his best wishes to Eric Idle and his Monty Python comedy troupe ahead of their London reunion shows, which kick off on Tuesday (01Jul14).

26th June 2014

Fact: The stars of Monty Python have launched a cell phone game to celebrate their reunion performances in London in July (14). The game is based on the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch from Tv show Monty Python'S FLYING CIRCUS and players guide an animated John Cleese through London streets, collecting coins and dodging obstacles.

9th June 2014

Tweet: "Every day for 3 months I have hiked up the Hollywood hills to prepare for my role of Eric Idle in the Monty Python Musical Revue. Fit now." Veteran funnyman Eric Idle is in tip-top shape ahead of his onstage reunion with his Monty Python comedy troupe in London this July (14).

3rd June 2014

Quote: "In America we are treated like comedy deities, which I've always found terribly embarrassing. All you want to say is, 'We weren't that funny.' I've never liked being treated like a god." Monty Python star Michael Palin is baffled by the obsessive fans attracted by the comedy troupe.

25th April 2014

Fact: Fans who missed out on tickets to the Monty Python reunion stage show in London will be able to watch it in cinemas around the world. The last show of the ten-date run will be simultaneously broadcast in 1,500 cinemas worldwide and in 450 cinemas in the U.K on 20 July (14).

16th January 2014

Fact: Monty Python star Michael Palin has landed another Tv acting role after returning to the small screen last year (13) in black comedy The Wipers Times. The funnyman-turned-travel broadcaster will lead the cast of Remember Me, a new three-part supernatural thriller for the Bbc.

25th November 2013

Tweet: "This pretty much took us by surprise, so we are talking about adding more shows. I apologise if you didn't get seats. We're working on it... Spent all morning working on the show itself (which I'm directing) so I'm a long way from the business. I can only hold out hope." Monty Python star Eric Idle reveals he was surprised to hear the comedy troupe's July (14) reunion show in London sold out in less than a minute on Monday (25Nov13). Four more shows were later added, and also sold out in seconds.

25th November 2013

Fact: The Monty Python team has extended their reunion from one show to five after the first date sold out in under a minute. Tickets for the one-off show at London's O2 Arena in July (14) were snapped up on Monday (25Nov13), and four more dates were subsequently announced. The shows will run from 1 July to 5 July (14).

25th September 2013

Quote: "I've paid $22 million so far and I think I have another $2 million to go. So I should be out from under it about Easter of next year. Farewell tours are very helpful, particularly when you've got alimony to pay off." Monty Python star John Cleese has made a huge dent in his costly divorce battle after hitting the road for a comedy tour. The funnyman had to give his third wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger a chunk of his fortune following their 2008 split.

21st August 2013

Fact: Monty Python star Michael Palin is to become the latest famous face to play God in the comedy troupe's West End musical Spamalot. The guest appearances in the show are raising money for charity and other stars to take part include Downton Abbey actor Hugh Bonneville and Carry On star Barbara Windsor.

6th July 2012

Quote: "I'm 69 and I've got shelves full of books I won't ever get through. Why would I tweet when I've not yet read The Brothers Karamazov?" Monty Python legend Michael Palin has no interest in social networking.

11th April 2011

Quote: "I've only occasionally found Python funny. I used to watch in trepidation at things that didn’t work wondering if no-one would laugh. Terry Gilliam covered the cracks so wonderfully." Actor Terry Jones reveals he didn't always find his TV series Monty Python humorous.

19th October 2009

Quote: "It's a very difficult time to earn money. The last commercial I did was for an Icelandic bank - and they're not even coming back to offer me another job." Monty Python star John Cleese admits his acting offers have dried up as a result of the worldwide credit crunch.

15th October 2009

Quote: "They come up and they say, 'We like Monty Python very much' and we say, 'That's nice, I'm glad you like it' and then they start saying what their favourite sketch is, and we don't give a f**k what their favourite sketch is! It's of absolutely no f**king interest. The show's great, don't tell me which f**king sketch you like!" MONTY PYTHON comedian John Cleese has a warning for fans of the iconic comedy.

7th February 2008

Quote: "Agreeable and friendly, yeah, I'll go for that - but nice has a kind of droopy, ineffectual connotation." Former Monty Python star Michael Palin on his 'nice' persona.

16th August 2007

Fact: The original poster artwork used in the 1979 movie Monty Python'S LIFE OF BRIAN was sold for GBP2,500 ($5,000) at an auction in California earlier this week (begs13Aug07).

9th July 2007

Fact: Monty Python star John Cleese has put his 16 acre Montecito, California equestrian ranch - known as Stalloreggi, or the King's Stables - up for sale at $28 million (GBP14 million).

25th April 2007

Fact: The creators and cast of the Monty Python musical SPAMALOT have broken the record for the world's largest coconut orchestra, with 5,567 Londoners taking part in the successful attempt. The previous record of 1,789 was set in New York in 2006.

15th January 2007

Fact: Former Seinfeld star JOHN O'HURLEY will play King Arthur in the upcoming Las Vegas production of Monty Python's SPAMALOT.

27th October 2006

Quote: "Unfortunately, my illness is not nearly bad enough to sell many newspapers." Monty Python star Terry Jones on why his cancer battle has largely escaped the media spotlight.

24th October 2006

Quote: "I fly off the handle the way he did, usually at the most stupid things. I get that from my father, a sort of rage." Monty Python comedian Michael Palin admits his temper is inherited from his dad.

23rd October 2006

Fact: Monty Python stars Eric Idle and John Cleese have teamed up as animated characters in the second Shrek sequel. Idle will voice the character of wizard MERLIN in the film, while Cleese will reprise his royal character, THE KING.

18th October 2006

Quote: "I feel very nervous, very worried about it all. I just hope it's going to be OK. My mortgage depends on it." Monty Python star Terry Jones jokes before the West End premiere of SPAMALOT last night (17OCT06).

24th July 2006

Fact: Classic comedy Monty Python + THE HOLY GRAIL is back in US cinemas with an added 24 seconds. The missing moments were cut from the original release in 1975 but restored for the rerelease.

18th January 2006

Quote: <p>"I remember we toured Canada in 1973, in Winnipeg, and when the curtain went up, the whole of the front row was dressed as a caterpillar." Eric Idle on Monty Python's superfans. </p>

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