Director Morgan Spurlock was relieved he opted not to include the One Direction bandmates' girlfriends in his new movie about the group when Liam Payne ended his romance during filming.

The documentary maker admits he had to cut out a lot of personal moments with the boy band and he chose early on that their love lives were off-limits.

Spurlock tells Wenn, "When it came down to personal relationships I said, 'We shouldn't put the relationships with girlfriends because they're 19 to 21 years old. What if one of them breaks up with a girlfriend in the middle of my story? Suddenly I've got a hole that I can't even wrap up.' So I chose not to put those relationships in there.

"And that actually happened with Liam when we were making the film. What Liam talks about in the film, for me, is the much better story to tell about their relationships. Liam says, 'I want somebody to love me for me. I want somebody to love me for who I am, not all of this.' The better story is how do you find valuable relationships with people who trust you."

But Spurlock is still a little sad that he had to cut so much footage of the boys hanging out at home with their pals: "We shot tons of childhood friends. When Niall went home we hung out with all his friends from childhood... and when Harry was back in Holmes Chapel we shot him hanging out with his friends, but when it came down to it, when you have five guys' stories that you have to tell in over 60 minutes with the other 28 minutes of concert and 62 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, you can't put in everything.

"Ultimately I found their relationships with their families to be more valuable and important when they were home because that is ultimately who shaped them as human beings and shaped them as young men."

And Payne and bandmate Zayne Malik are convinced their director made the right choice about the footage he used in the film.

Malik says, "It was amazing to see that scene with my mum in the house I just bought her. I'll look at that for the next 10 to 15 years and keep it quite close so its cool."

Payne adds, "It was quite hard to watch the bit where my dad says about wanting to take me to the pub and play snooker and there's that dramatic pause... I can't help but cry every time. I'm at the cinema with the 3D glasses on trying to hide but you can just see it happening."

Spurlock states, "They love their moms and dads and care about their family just like we all do and value that relationship like we all should."