Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx has his final night as a member of the band mapped out - he'll drive home from the group's last gig alone and pretend the last 30 years has been a weird dream.

The Smokin' in the Boys Room hitmakers recently embarked on their last world tour and though a final date has yet to be locked down, Sixx insists it will be in Los Angeles where the band began.

He tells Rolling Stone, "There's talk about the Staples Center and the Forum, though it might end with a 1am show at the Whisky (A Go Go). F**k, we all used to live around the corner from that piece of s**t club."

But wherever the gig is, the bassist knows just how he'll spend his first hour as a former Motley Crue star: "After we take the final bow, I'm gonna drive home alone with the radio off. I'll go past (venues) the Roxy, the Rainbow and the Troubadour.

"I'll open the door to my house and be like, 'Where did all the f**king years go?' Then I'll close the door and wait for the next chapter."

Sixx won't be out of work after the last Crue show - he currently hosts a show on satellite radio.