Motorhead have cancelled two shows after Lemmy suffered a haematoma.

The heavy metal band pulled out of their gig in Milan last night (25.06.13) as well as calling off their concert on June 22 at See-Rock Festival in Austria due to their frontman being struck ill with the condition, where blood collects outside of a blood vessel.

The news broke via Barley Arts Promotion, the promoter behind the Milan show, who explained in a Facebook post the cancellation was ''caused by a severe hematoma which makes it impossible at the moment on stage.''

While no details are yet known about the exact location or the scale of the haematoma, the 67-year-old rocker has suffered several health setbacks of late, having also been fitted with a defibrillator to correct an irregular heartbeat.

The 'Ace of Spades' hitmakers are planning to release their 21st studio album 'Aftershock' later this year and have hinted at big plans for the 40th anniversary of their formation in 2015.

Lemmy - whose real name is Ian Fraser Kilmister - is famed for his rock 'n' roll lifestyle, with the eternal bachelor recently joking he had slept with around 2,000 women.

He said: ''I've read all sorts of stuff about how many women I'm supposed to have f***ed. I once said it was 1,000 women, but it's probably more like 2,000 now.

''That might seem like a lot, but when you add it up it's not that impressive. I've never been married and I've been f***ing women since I was 16. That's less than one a week.''