Motorhead star Lemmy is upset with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bosses for losing one of his favourite jackets.

The Ace of Spades rocker was initially flattered when museum curators asked him to donate a clothing item - but now he's wishing he hadn't bothered.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "They lost my jacket. I leant (sic) them my jacket and a pair of boots as an exhibit and I didn't get the jacket back, so I'm pretty p**sed off about that. It was my original Ace of Spades tour jacket too, from 1980. I was p**sed, man. Somebody's wearing it. I know that."

And the heavy rocker reveals he's not a fan of the museum: "I went a few years back. It was one of the biggest wastes of space I've ever seen. The biggest room there is a gift shop isn't it?"