Review of Judgement Day / Father Single by Ms Dynamite

Ms Dynamite
Judgement Day / Father – Polydor
Uk Release Date 26th Septmeber

Ms Dynamite Judgement Day / Father Single

MS Dynamite has definitely grown, musically, lyrically, vocally and personally. She has become a mother and she has matured because of that and she now offers something quite frightening. That firey, pumped up, angry, hard-hitting, strong-minded young person has become a real full-blooded woman. She has now lived, grown, developed into a woman and a mother in front of the world's eyes and you know what she has got a lot to say. "Judgement Day" is clever, very well written and very powerful, in fact if you was guaranteed a hit for writing skills no matter what you say this would be a hit. It might be realistic and well written. The artistry and skill of what is written is unquestionable but what is questionable is, does radio, partculary ILR radio, the radio stations that make hit records, really want to play a record that is so moody, so down and do people what to buy such a single. A single that has no fun eliment, nothing that puts a smile on ya face, not even a happy ending. My gut feeling is that the answer is no and I think this single may well struggle to give Ms Dynamite the hit she probably craves. The single deals with hard hitting issues, colour of skin, children dying, rape, of how pharmaceutical companies are sitting there watching children die when there is enough medicine for them, how people walk past people in the street that are in trouble and asks the question are we all to blame. But if you think the lyrics are strong on that wait till you here "Father" the second cut on the single. Lyrics like "I spent 23 years trying to be what you wanted to me be though it seemed that you never see me until I picked up the mic and I was on the TV now your ringing of my phone like every week" and "How can you call yourself a man when you can't love your own unless you can control them". Both of these tracks make great album cuts but I just think the UK will find it hard to deal with such lyrics in a pop single no matter how urban / street the artist is. Ms Dynamite is back and she is more than living up to her name via the lyrical content.


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