Movie star VIVICA A. Fox knew her date with badboy rapper 50 CENT at the MTV Video Music Awards would get a mixed reaction - but insists the pair are just friends.

The Kill Bill actress is reportedly dating the IN DA CLUB hip-hop star, but will only concede she gained the hip hop star's admiration for wearing a revealing outfit at the BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TV (BET) AWARDS in Los Angeles.

The sexy 39-year-old says, "50 Cent was giving an acceptance speech and he shouted, 'I want to thank Vivica Fox for wearing that dress.'

"After that he called and invited me to the MTV Awards. He said, 'I think you're great. Let's go have a fun evening and see what happens.'

"It's a blossoming friendship - for now we're just friends."

07/10/2003 21:56