You may never have heard of Ebony Day, but MTV think you should have because they have named her their Brand New 2013 winner.

The MTV Brand New campaign is a search for the best new acts for the coming year. A short list is whittled down by a panel of judges but ultimately the award is decided by the voting public. Day was up against artists such as Angel Haze and and Haim, the latter of whom was named BBC's Sound of 2013. 

The young singer has been posting videos of her own songs and song covers on YouTube for the past few years, and managed to catch the attention of millions, with her YouTube account garnering a total of almost 18 million views. That's no mean feat for a girl of 19. Even more impressive is that she's not even signed... yet. 

All very impressive. Day currently lives in Guilford, UK, but has had the pleasure of performing in Sydney and Nashville, Tennessee. Plus, she's managed all this while studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music. Impressive, no? Speaking to MusicNewsWeb she said that winning was "like a dream come true" and that to celebrate she "went home and... had some strawberry jelly". Very rock and roll. Apparently she doesn't drink so champagne was off the menu. 

Her course at the Academy is all about song writing and artist development, and generally learning about the business of music, "making sure I don't do anything stupid" she said. 

And what about her own music tastes? Well, much to the dismay of plenty of music lovers out there, her faves at the moment are Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. 

Having won such a great award no doubt she'll not stay unsigned for long, currently though despite having had a couple of meetings nothing is set in stone and she's hoping for something more concrete I the future. 

Check out her talent, the reason she won, right here: