UK folk-popsters Mumford And Sons have hit out at claims that they are an unauthentic package during an interview with The Guardian, claiming that Bob Dylan - a supposed influence on the band - was as 'unauthentic' as they come.

Despite being the voice of numerous generations and possessing more storytelling and songwriting ability in his little finger than the whole of Mumford and Sons, that didn't stop frontman Marcus Mumford said, "Not since I came to the realization that Dylan, who's probably my favorite artist ever, the richest artist for me, didn't give a sh*t about authenticity... [He] lied to everyone about who he was."

Mumford and Sons, known for making songs of the same quality, and same sound, with the same lyrics and chord progression over and over, have also shot down claims that they are not a religious band either, despite their spiritual lyrics and Christian background. Bass player Ted Dwane said, "We're not all religious. In fact none of us are, really. We, er, we have a full spectrum of beliefs."

Mumford and Sons are currently promoting their latest album, Babel, meanwhile Bob Dylan has just released his 35th studio album, Tempest, offering fans a vast array of varying musical styles of his own unique vocal delivery. As for Babel, well we've all heard the single so the rest of album pretty much explains itself, doesn't it?