The video begins just like any other Mumford & Sons vid; nothing to suspect here. Rays of sunlight obscure the banjo twanging members as they play in the middle of a country field. There's out of focus striding through long grass and slow motion walking up a dirt track with their folk instruments. There's no reason to believe the band on video could be any other performers than the British folksters themselves.

Mumford & Sons
The Group Let Themselves Be Parodied.

That is, until the sun-streaked dust clears and our suspicions are aroused. Is that really Marcus Mumford? Isn't Ted Dwane's beard looking a bit raggier than usual? Wait a minute - that worn, rustic, wooden instrument isn't really being played. They're fakes!

Ed Helms
Ed Helms Is Seen Playing The Piano.

Yes indeed, for their new music video, Mumford & Sons have enlisted the help of four comedians to help temporarily pull the wool over their fans eyes. The rather hilarious video works so well as a parody of usual Mumford-style videos and shows that the four-piece can laugh at themselves and their often pretentious, countrified stylings.

Marcus Mumford
The Real Marcus Mumford.

Arrested Development's Jason Bateman, The Hangover's Ed Helms, and Saturday Night Live stars Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte are the four comedians who don the corduroy trousers, rolled-sleeve shirts and earthy-toned waistcoats and pretend to play a piano, a double bass, a guitar or a banjo.

Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman Is One Of The Fake Mumfords.

The video moves towards the ridiculous, with Bateman pretending to shred and grind behind a banjo and the group seen swigging ale from tankards or singing passionately into each other's faces, culminating in Sudeikis kissing Forte.

Watch "Mumford & Sons'" New Video, 'Hopeless Wanderer':

The band tweeted the video upon its release, saying "We are delighted to present you the new video for the song Hopeless Wanderer, featuring Mumf... oh wait."

It has been a year of ups and downs for the real-life group: bassist Ted Dwane underwent urgent surgery after a brain blood clot was discovered, requiring a host of cancelled US performances. However, Dwane and the band were on top form for their Glastonbury Sunday headline set and they saw both of their albums, Babel and Sigh No More, climb the charts after their BRIT Awards success.