It's difficult to call Mumford & Sons "clean-cut" given the amount of facial hair in the band, though they're hardly Led Zeppelin.

All the more surprisingly then was news that the London folk-rockers were thrown out of a strip club in Atlanta on Tuesday night (September 10, 2013) for violating one of the golden rules - no cameras!

According to, the band had just performed at ATL's Centennial Olympic Park and decided to celebrate at the city's famous strip club, the Clermont Lounge. It was karaoke night - sounds fun right?

Band member Ben Lovett took to the stage and began belting out a few tunes, though according to strip club sources, his pals decided to document the occasion on their camera phones. Officials began freaking out immediately, asking the band to put away their phones - one of the club's strict rules.

The DJ even lowered the music several times to request that the band stop filming Lovett, though the musician himself became irate, accusing the DJ of ruining his moment in the spotlight. At this point, the other Mumford & Sons guys had chimed in shouting and swearing at strip club staff and generally causing a scene. Eventually, the manager was called and whole group was kicked out onto the street.

TMZ has some fairly useless grainy footage from outside, though you can hear one employee shouting, "Everybody out! Go go go!"

As yet, there's no explanation from Mumford & Sons though Marcus is probably too busy explaining to Carey Mulligan what he was doing at the Clermont Lounge. 

The band finish up their U.S. tour in St Augustine,  New Orleans, Woodlands, Dallas and Bonner Springs this week and next. 

Ted DwayneTed Dwayne Performing With Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons Olympic Park
Ben Lovett and the Mumford & Sons Boys Were Out Celebrating in Atlanta

Mumford & Sons Winston
Winston Rocking Out With Mumford & Sons