It's been less than two months since Mumford And Sons released their number one selling second album 'Babel', but the folk band have already begun to create a new set of songs for album number three. 

Banjo player Winston Marshall revealed to NME that they plan to write a lot more music following their remarkable success. 'We've started working on new songs, got a rehearsal studio', he said. 'Got a few new tunes out of it. It was great, sounds really cool. They're bones [of songs] but really exciting bones. Sturdy bones.' In a recent interview with The Guardian, he also insisted that their latest sound shares similarities to The National and The Band 'without doing either of them justice' while bass player Ted Dwane likened it to 'the glory-days Elton John'. 

Marshall is also desperate to get the band together for the Glastonbury Festival next year having missed 2012's - the first year they've missed since their first appearance in 2008. 'We've done every Glastonbury that we could have and I've been every year since I can remember', he said. For now though, they have their Tour Of Two Halves to beat beginning in Torquay's Princess Theatre on November 21st 2012.