Review of Starlight Single by Muse

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Muse Starlight Single

To some people the height of blasphemy and to others a firm step in an Exciting direction, 'Starlight' may annoy many Muse fans. The title, quite appropriately, is a contrast to the hazy and distorted madness of 'Super Massive Black Hole' but yet still continues along with the familiar theme of space. 'Starlight' has a scary clarity and is oddly natural sounding, ditching warped effects in Matt Bellamy's vocals, but soaring to the line 'Hold you in my arms', it's clear that the unique instrument in his voice is brought out in nothing short of a true revelation.

In the opinion of critics, Muse have gone the right way to expanding their sound. For the fans though, it may be sad to see a new and more sedate sort of music listener arriving on their platform after hearing this second single. Regardless, the band have crafted one of the singles of the year. A

compulsory listen.

James Curtis

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