Review of All The Sides Of A Circle Album by Bleach Blood

Although Bleach Blood's new album 'All The Sides Of A Circle' had a rocky beginning, in that there were questions regarding its actual release, the album has finally been completed and, on first listen, comes across as quite a puzzling mix.

Bleach Blood All The Sides Of A Circle Album

A unique amalgamation of aspects of both dance and punk rock, some areas even go as far as feeling a little unnerving, though it doesn't take away any of the catchiness from this unusual combination.

It is hard to describe the genre of this band, as each track holds elements of everything from heavy rock to electro punk. In a way, the mix is refreshing, and each track is as infectious as the last. 'H.O.P.E.' breathes a pleasant beat, slowing down at the chorus, but then picking back up again with some screamo aspects often found in pop punk. Lead singer Jamie Jazz often employs spoken word verses, before going on to sing with female band member Julia Webb. It delivers something memorable and revitalizing, a really enjoyable track. Similar to this, the extremely catchy beat of 'Anything, Anything' complements the powerful vocals.

'London In The Rain', 'Love Is Dead' and 'Destroy Us. Destroy Everything' are the most downbeat tracks; slow, calm and thought provoking, they give a nice toned down vibe in comparison to their livelier counterparts. Although they are still full of heavy drums and that a dance ambiance, they come across as a lot more emotional.

'P.E.A.C.E' is definitely the most energetic number. Jazz's spoken word efforts re-emerge, but it bounces back with a captivating, jumpy chorus which certainly explains why they define their music as 'dance'. Likewise, 'Pleased To Meet You' delivers a memorable sound, with a slight hint of Blink-182 and others of that ilk.

'East LDN Party' is one of the most pop punk tracks of the album. The varied vocal pitches along with the heavy drum and guitar create a brilliant dance number, with is distinction coming from the evident electro sound. 'Broken Glass' delivers a similar noise, finishing up the album as if summarizing what the band are all about; a lively, experimental, not to mention random, yet inspiring listen.

All in all, 'All The Sides Of a Circle' is a quirky release whose multi-genre aesthetic really delivers. If you like experimental techniques, this album is perfect for you.


Ruth Buxton-Cook

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