Review of Aim4 Single by Flint


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Flint -Aim4 - Single review
Within the nineties the UK produced one of the biggest bands to hit our Music stores known as the Prodigy. Today their music is still as popular as ever throughout their many changes. Having their music used on film soundtracks and in many houses around the country. Lead man Keith Flint has now set up his new project Flint a both basic but effective name. The music difference from both bands is vast but interesting. Keith and his new band have moved on to start again this time with heavy rock instead of dance. His power and expression for music remains the same. So does the anger in his voice, he said himself about letting go of his self -conscious state and really feeling the music.
Flint -Aim4 - Single review

Meaning no holding back and letting everything flow. Naturally always liking a good shout he has settled into this role well. The group plump for hard drum sounds and fast guitar -so fast the guitarist's fingers could fall off at any moment. Perhaps the chorus could have been a touch better but the question is does it work? And personally I'd say yes. Any former fans may be disappointed of the route it's taken whilst those with an open mind won't hesitate in listening to this track and their new album. Go boys!