Review of Never Single by Jennylee

Jenny Lee Lindberg, established bassist of the phenomenal Warpaint had revealed earlier this year her plans to release a solo effort. It will be done so under the moniker jennylee with the record titled right on!

Jennylee Never Single

For now though, we have been gifted with our first single and video from the record and we must say it's very exciting. The song, Never, harkens back to the dreamier aspects of new wave; the late night atmospheric melancholia of Joy Division and The Cure. Never is a hybrid of slick new wave rhythms alongside a dirty, grungy bassline which injects a dramatic intensity into the track which really lifts this track. As far as solo debut singles go, this is a real treat.

jennylee's right on! will be released on December 11th through Rough Trade Records. The album was recorded at Happy Ending Studios in Silverlake, California and was co-produced by Lindberg and Norm Block. Guest musicians include Dan Elkan (Broken Bells) and Warpaint's very own Stella Mozgawa. Here's the 10 song long track-list for right on! to whet your appetite:

Boom Boom
Long Lonely Writer
He Fresh
White Devil
Real Life

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