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Kuato Lives
EP Review

Kuato Kuato Lives EP

There has always been something of a quest for truth and purity when it comes to independent, real music. Record companies are often seen as the enemy, designed only to enslave our collective souls and sell us their product. Even the supposed bastion of freedom and the DIY ethic that is MySpace has now been revealed to often be a cunning way for those corporate giants to package their mediocre products as humble honesty.

It is a refreshing change, and a clearing of the metaphorical decks then, to find a band that truly epitomises that fleeting, fragile honesty of purpose and yes, does run their own MySpace!

Ladies and Gents, can I suggest you feast your ears on Kuato, a new musical birth from the vibrant city of Nottingham, England. These guys manage swerve their musical go-kart around the familiar genre potholes, producing an eclectic blend of Muse-esque rock, with strange twists of folk and electronica as they go.

Standout tracks have to be the awesome '5letterword', a dark, haunting, psychedelic trip of a track, which builds to a shuddering climax, and on the lighter side of the coin, the acoustic-led beauty that is 'You Should Know'

If a band can these days achieve success simply through being at the right place at the right time, irrespective of talent, then I'd love to see what Kuato and their big bucket of talent would be able to achieve in the same circumstances. Ones to watch for sure.

Richard Edge

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