The organisers of Suncebeat in Croatia/Southport Weekender and the team behind Liverpool's Hustle have got together to form Liverpool Disco Festival. This May's event was made even more special as it marked 30 years since the first Southport Weekend. Liverpool being a great place to party, the impressive line up and more importantly the people coming together, how could this not have been epic!?

Liverpool Disco Festival

Seeing Mr Scruff slam out a bad ass funk/groove set early Saturday evening in the Constellations Gardens made the journey worth it in itself, though that was almost instantly topped by Jazzy Jeff who really got the party started in Hanger 34 with his classic DJ mixing style. The evening ended with Joey Negro and David Morales in Glitterbox which acted as a great reminder of how good these parties truly are!

Throughout the weekend, the music at Liverpool Disco Festival was seriously on point and created so many good memories! It was brilliant to see legend Graeme Park warm up the afternoon in the Furnace. With live act Ultra Nate to follow, this brought back some classic dance reflections. With Neil Pierce, Spen & Karizma and the legend Tony Humphries to follow, they all delivered some quality, deep house fusion sounds; obviously everyone was getting down!

It was hard to decide which room to go into, with legends Nicky Siano, Jellybean Benitez, Rahann, Lenny Fontana, No Fakin Dj's and live act D Train all performing in Hanger 34, as opposed to the incredible David Morales, Danny Krivit, John Morales, Simon Dunmore, Get Down Edits and Mark Stone in the Glitterbox. However for me personally it was great to see the Southport residents in the Constellations Club, bringing the sounds of The Connoisseurs Corner back! Seeing Ronnie Herel, Bigger, Terry Jones, Andy Davies, Bob Jefferies, Lil Stevie and Paul Morrissey, demonstrating a musical education and touch of class - as always!

The outdoor Constellations Gardens, was a particular highlight with Jamie 3:26 and Kamma & Masalo having particularly good sets. There were some great acts playing there, such as Natasha Kitty Kat, Al Kent, Mark Seven, Red Greg, David Fiorese and not forgetting Mr Scruff, who absolutely smashed it with his blend of different styles!

Being a fan of Southport Weekender, it was fortunate indeed to have access to such a rich host of quality DJ's under one roof, especially considering the famous Southport Weekender ended in 2015. Having all those high calibre acts together creates an extra level of musical sophistication that is inspiring and it appears totally unique. However, as usual, it's the people that make it! Liverpool Disco Festival seemed like a blur whilst there, the energy was electric and it was like being with a family, chatting and catching up constantly. It was such fun, it will be hard not to go back! Big up Liverpool Disco Festival, you've done great!

For many reasons this melting pot is a magical co-creation that doesn't seem to tire and Liverpool Disco Festival is a fantastic addition to the north's musical calendar which keeps the historic Southport Weekender tradition alive and well.