Review of In Defense Of My Muse EP by Morly

The debut EP, 'In Defense Of My Muse', by Morly is a fragile and delicate four piece set of carefully constructed soundscapes that are both intriguing and delightful in equal measure. Each track builds on the previous one as if it were preparing itself for the main event. The first three are definitely more pieces of music than they are songs. Re-iterated phrases, words or harmonies backed by beautiful piano sequences and inspired percussive beats characterise the first three tracks. The latter, largely instrumental and piano driven, third track 'Seraphese' is a stunningly beguiling, elegant and graceful passage of music very nearly matched on the ethereal 'And Sooner Than We Know It'

Morly In Defense Of My Muse EP

Where the EP reaches its pinnacle, however, is in its name checking title track 'Drone Poem (In Defense Of My Muse)'. Here Minnesotan Musician/Singer/Producer (...anyone from Minnesota coming to mind???) Katy Morley saves her best until last. Having whetted our appetite with some cleverly crafted entrees Katy more than excels herself with a signature dish to be very very proud of. 'Drone Poem' is a slow building, brooding track that showcases an engaging and entrancing vocal set to a subterranean fuzzy bass, accented by some marvellously minimalist percussive touches. It's a little bit like EMA and a lot like brilliance.


Andrew Lockwood

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