Review of She's Got You High Single by Mumm-Ra

She's Got You High
Single Review

Mumm-Ra She's Got You High Single

What a lovely song. Everything about Mumm-Ra's new offering She's Got You High drips with that lovely summer garden party ambience - and what better time for it to arrive?

What this brilliant single does particularly well is build the song essentially from one hook, but in a way that never sounds overworked or boring. It's a simple melody with a simple guitar line and a simple beat, but the magic here is in the way it creeps up from laid-back, glistening summer pop into a huge anthemic finale that would surely bring a smile to the face of even the most hardened of cynics.

It's not the most innovative or interesting song you'll hear all year. But it's a startlingly good slice of sunshine-filled familiarity.


Lewis Denby

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