Review of Do Without My Love Single by Nathan

Do Without My Love
Uk Release Date March 12th / Available On Download Now
Single Review

Nathan Do Without My Love Single

Let me make this totally clear, I think Nathan is a huge talent, I have supported him since I was first given a CDR by him before he appeared at the Choice FM talent search I think around three years ago. But and you knew there was a but coming. I'm sorry to say it is wrong time, wrong place and wrong life, why, well if this kid had been born Stateside I'm sure that he would now be on his way to being n R&B superstar. There are moments on his album when he sounds every bit the superstar, this cut "Do Without My Love" being one of them. But it is so hard when your in the mould of the Usher's, Mario's and Ne-Yo's to be taken seriously when your passport says UK Resident. If this track was by an American and was on the Billboard chart it would be a smash hit and probably world-wide too. Nathan delivers another solid performance and the production is total quality to.

Real Urban Appeal 4/5 Hit Appeal 4/5

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