Review of Bad Vacation Album by Room Full Of Strangers

Currently on tour in Germany, Room Full Of Strangers garnered attention from fans and bookers alike through self-promoted warehouse gigs. The American outfit have released a number of EPs previously, before working with Sonic Youth cohort Kramer for the release of this, their debut album.

Room Full Of Strangers Bad Vacation Album

The output of Room Full Of Strangers can be generalised as frantic garage-rock with hyper vocal deliveries to match - think The Hives, though the riffs and hooks don't match up to the sharply dressed Swedish ensemble. 'Guest Bath' is the perfect introduction, finishing nearly as soon as it starts and clocking in at a touch over a couple of minutes. The title track is another example of the infectious nature of the band, while the quirky rhythms of 'Trash Can Annie' are undeniable. Despite being immediate and listenable throughout, where tracks such as 'Swimming In Places' and 'Salad Head Scene' don't hit the mark is in durability - they are fine whilst they are on, but there is a lack of inclination for repeat listens of the ten songs that make up this record.

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