Review of Drain Cosmetics Single by Serena-Maneesh

Drain Cosmetics
Single Review

Serena-Maneesh Drain Cosmetics Single

Despite a name that conjures up some sort of Indian guru, Serena-Maneesh are actually Norwegian newcomers. They effortlessly combine a melancholy, ethereal blend of guitar rock with smooth, ghostly harmonies.
Reminiscent of, although less chaotic than, the Jesus and Mary Chain, there is also an almost-buried hint of surfadelica. In isolation, and as a single "Drain Cosmetics" leaves you wanting more. This is no perfect pop song, but you get the feeling that there is a perfect pop album out there. If the pundits are right, then Serena-Maneesh may well be the next bunch of quirky Scandinavians to stick their oar into the mainstream river of success.

Richard Edge

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