Review of The Pace Of The Passing Album by Toothless

Inspired by the artist Raymond Pettibon, Toothless is the chosen name of Bombay Bicycle Club bassist Ed Nash for this debut project.  Signed to the Island Records label, the release will be promoted with a run of seven shows in the UK, starting at the end of February.

Toothless The Pace Of The Passing Album

A gentle, melodic opener in 'Charon' is accompanied by warming strings to set the tone for this collection.  Of course, whenever a band member steps up to the microphone, intrigue in how they perform as the voice of the record is inevitable - so it delightful to say Nash is an appealingly soft singer.  'Sisyphus' and 'Palm's Backside' start to reveal this talent, the latter featuring a particularly effective hook, while the duet with Liz Lawrence on 'Party For Two' also impresses quickly.  The not so snappily named 'You Thought I Was Your Friend (I Want To Hurt You)' isn't, sonically speaking, as menacing as the title may suggest, while 'Terra' proves a stirring conclusion.  It is a fitting way to finish 'The Pace Of The Passing', which is certainly more than just a stop-gap side project.  It may not be mind-blowing, but sometimes an easily accessible album is what is needed.

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