Its been days since the announcement but it seems as though many are still adjusting to the news that My Chemical Romance, the rock band split, bringing an end to the twelve years of the New Jersey's band's own brand of pop rock. The multi-platinum selling band, consisting of Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Mikey Way and Frank Iero, unveiled the news in a statement posted on their official website last Friday (March 22) and since then, in an attempt to clear up the split it seems, lead singer Gerard Way has since taken to Twitter to post an obscenely long update to his profile.

My Chemical Romance                                        My Chemical Romance: Looking Dapper, But Still Depressed

The colosal Tweet, available in full on Twitlong, wrote a 1,979 word long farewell note that began with a brief account of his morning, which saw him finally realise that his band are over. The singer and comic book writer then went on (way too long if you ask us) about finding and freeing a bird trapped in a his library - a metaphor of himself in MCR maybe? - before finally addressing the band's decision to call things a day. 

Way explained that he was becoming plagued by cravings for drugs and drink again, with the singer going cold turkey back in 2004 to put his demons at bay, with many of the cravings stemming back to a particularly sour New Jersey concert the band played last year. He then went on to reveal the band's secret plan of 'self-destruction' should the pressures of being in a band get too much for any of the members. Gerard finished off the open letter with a round of thank you's aimed at the rest of the band, their regular crew and collaborators and the fans too.

His brother, MCR bassist Mikey Way, also voiced himself on Twitter to deliver an explanation and farewell that was a little more cohesive than his brothers, in which he attempted to clear up any misconceptions regarding the split and that it had something to do with the failure of his marriage. Mikey wrote: "For the record, my relationship has absolutely nothing to do with what just happened. They are completely separate."

My Chemical Romance formed in 2001 in Jersey City, with the band battling controversy for much of their time together for their 'emo' image that some parent believed was at the root of a number of self harming cases. In the face of the controversy, the band have still release four albums, begiingin with their independently released I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002, before their major label release Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge brought them fame in 2004. 2006 and 2010's multi-platinum selling The Black Parade and Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys are the most recent and successful from the band to date.

Gerard WaySinger Gerard Way At Last Year's Leeds Festival